Monday, 4 July 2011

delightful addiction

Self portrait in my studio, 2011

While in collage, I attended a one-day Visual Journaling workshop presented by professor and very talented artist, Terry Garrett. I found myself completely enveloped in the art form.  I was addicted.  In retrospect, this concept seems so simple and obvious.  I suppose in one way or another, I have been keeping track of thoughts and ideas in imagery for years.  But now, visual journaling had a name, and I had a new artistic passion.  After college graduation, my obsession died down temporarily, only to be reignited a few years later.

figure 7.7: disheveled, 2009 16.5"x12" visual journal pages mounted on wood

In 2009, I created a series of 25 sets of 16.5in x 12in pages mounted on wood with routered edges matching the perforations in each page.  That year, I also created a number of other smaller series of visual journal pages, mounted in a similar manner onto solid woodblocks.  
Everybody slept here, 2010, 6"x6" visual journal pages
In October 2010, after viewing my work, a friend recommended a number of art and crafting magazines focusing on mixed media.  These included Cloth, Paper, Scissors, Somerset Art Journaling and Somerset Studio.  She lent me a copy and I found myself completely captivating.  Turning through the pages, I once again found myself once utterly inspired.  My passion for visual journaling had once again been renewed.  I began to create set after set of 6in x 6in pages.  
My creative addiction is now back in full force.   I find visual journaling to be delightfully therapeutic, an opportunity to play creatively and try new techniques and mediums.

And I need to get strong. And if memory serves. I'm addicted to words and they're useless. -–Motion City Soundtrack


  1. I remember that workshop so well- Phil took it with you as I recall. So glad that you took it- and thank you so much for your words- they mean very much to me. Terry

  2. Indeed he did! I think it was a bit out of his comfort zone. But so it goes, working out of our creative comfort zones is healthy enough.:)