Tuesday, 5 July 2011

liberated sketchbook

I had never really kept a sketchbook until a couple years ago.  I had always wanted to, but I had always felt the constant need for sketchbook images to be something, to look finished, neat, clean and well done—I couldn’t allow the aesthetic of failed ideas, mistakes, or simply my poorly created images.  
We regularly act in blatant disregard of future generations. 12.5"x9.5" 2008
In 2008, while visiting the lovely Lylee Heart in Minneapolis, on one of my few trips back to the states while I was living in England–she and I decided to help creatively encourage and inspire each other by sharing a traveling sketchbook.  In this sketchbook, we would artistically play and then send it back and forth to one another.  For the first time, I allowed myself the freedom to really sketch, play with ideas, and ultimately, the freedom to make mistakes.  Finally, with this new liberated creativity in sketching I was able to truly develop image concepts, keep notes of song lyrics, thoughts, quotes, and reference images.

Societal hierarchy is inevitable. 12.5"x9.5" 2008
In all honesty, Lylee and I only exchanged the sketch journal twice. While our project itself wasn’t necessarily a huge success, the process of inspiring me, and helping to develop my work very much was.  From initial drawings I developed in this sketchbook, I developed several concepts into final images.  I created a series of twelve 12.5"x9.5" subtlety surreal watercolor collage works.

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  1. I love seeing your sketches and finished pieces side by side. you are such an inspiration, i'm glad you decided to keep a blog. I look forward to catching up soon.