Friday, 22 July 2011

nature reclaims itself

Janela Verde, photo/copyright: Carly Swenson 2011

As I mentioned before, Terceira has many abandoned and desolate structures.  These contemporary ruins fascinate me.  I admire how nature seems to have an unlimited ability to reclaims itself.  
Grown Among Broken Glass, photo/copyright: Carly Swenson 2011
Once these structures are neglected, the paint peels away; dust and dirt accumulate and cracks form in the concrete allowing roots take hold.  Foliage growth is now uninhibited by humans, ivy begins to adhere to the walls and roof tiles begin to disintegrate under plant growth.  I find a very comforting beauty in all this.  I love this reassurance that nature persists far past our ability to contain it and our environmentally destructive tendencies.  Walking past these overgrown buildings causes a tranquil feeling within me, leaving me momentary at peace.  

Doorways I, photo/copyright: Carly Swenson 2011

Overgrown, photo/copyright: Carly Swenson 2011
It's not the earth that's in trouble, it's the people who live on it.  Earth will be here long after we've all gone...--the streets

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  1. beautiful! I love when nature takes (back) over buildings...there is something so beautiful about the juxaposition of red brick and green plants.