Monday, 1 August 2011

england IV

England IV, digital manipulation 2011
England IV, digital manipulation, 2011
For this piece I used three main images, two original photos (the pigeon and a quiet street scene) and a stock image of a British telephone box.  My photos were taken during a visit to the city of Bath with my parents.  I was delighted to have the opportunity to share such a stunning city with them.

Several layers of filters have been used on the background and the phone box.  I have adjusted the layers’ transparency and selectively erased areas closer to the foreground with a distressed eraser brush.  This made details of the red from previous layers below more visible.  I added another layer containing only the drawn portion of bird diagrams from a stock image over the background image.  These created a nice unity with the foreground pigeon and its grey color.  I have also used a couple filters on the pigeon photo, including the basic artistic cutout filter, which simplified the bird form.  The moon was taken from a stock illustration and creates a dreamy atmosphere within the piece.

Brushes used include handwritten text (upper right), branches (lower left), trees (upper left), cracked design elements (edges), organic spiraling lines (left), as well as a very subtle yellow wallpaper style brush (top).  I had each brush on a different layer.  This allowed me to hide each element and determine if the piece was growing too chaotic or if the elements appropriately added to the aesthetic of the work.  Not all design elements I play with throughout the development of my digital work end up visible in the final images.
Bath, 2011
Bath, photo/copyright: Carly Swenson 2011
Pigeon, 2011
Pigeon, photo/copyright: Carly Swenson 2011
British phone booth, stock image: Liquid Library
British phone booth, stock image: Liquid Library
Brid heads diagram, stock image: Liquid Library
Bird heads diagram, stock image: Liquid Library
Sad moon, stock image: Liquid Library
Sad moon, stock image: Liquid Library

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