Art Commission

Commission Work:
I gladly take on commission pieces.  If you have any questions regarding concept, style, size or price—please don’t hesitate to contact me. I don’t tend to do straight up portraiture.  While I am able to, in all honesty, I don’t believe it is my strongest area, nor is that work style my artistic preference. In turn, I believe portraiture, or the character of a person can be captured in other ways.
Here are a couple examples of that style I have done by commission from clients.  Each client explained the concept; traits or imagery that she felt best captured the essence the intended recipient of the piece.  From here I developed sketches.  From there, the client could decide which aspects were working and what needed to be reworked.  However, part of my creative process is instinctual and can’t be planned before the actual piece has begun.  Although, these initial stages allow me to get a better feeling of what each particular client has in mind, and develop the piece into my unique style.  This will also give the client a fairly accurate idea of what to expect in the finished piece.
Find Your Way, 20"x15" 2010, mixed media on paper

Shine Tho It's Raining, 15"x20" 2010 mixed media on paperShine Tho It's Raining, 15"x20" 2010, mixed media on paper
In the following two pieces, the clients gave me themes, emotions, and color schemes from which to develop the pieces. When working in this style, I have far less drawing and more collage.  Therefore, an initial sketch isn’t created.  Instead, patterns, paper, imagery, found objects, etc. are shown to the client for approval and to gain a better understanding of where the piece is headed.  From here images of the work’s progression are sent to the client to ensure the client is pleased with the development of the piece, and alterations can be made when necessary as the process continues.

Torn & Idealized (in progress)

Torn & Idealized, 32"x18" mixed media collage on canvas, 2011

Lua (triptych progression)

Lua, triptych, 2011 mixed media on canvas
This is another of a commission piece I have done for a client. This one is far more simple, but no less striking.  My client wanted four 12”x12” canvas to hang together to make one large piece.  In this case, the image she wanted was a large blue/teal and silver sunflower, so that is exactly what I created for her.
Blue Sunflower, 2008 acrylic
I am always interested in commission work, publication, exhibition and licensing opportunities.  Please feel free to contact me with any inquiries you may have.